March 28, 2012

Facing feelings

Page 90

"We may fear that being in touch with our feelings will trigger an overwhelming chain reaction of pain and panic."

Basic Text, p. 30

While we were using, many of us were unable or unwilling to feel many emotions. If we were happy, we used to make us happier. If we were angry or depressed, we used to mask those feelings. In continuing this pattern throughout our active addiction, we became so emotionally confused that we weren't sure what normal emotions were anymore.

After being in recovery for some time, we find that the emotions we had suppressed suddenly begin to surface. We may find that we do not know how to identify our feelings. What we may be feeling as rage may only be frustration. What we perceive as suicidal depression may simply be sadness. These are the times when we need to seek the assistance of our sponsor or other members of NA. Going to a meeting and talking about what is happening in our lives can help us to face our feelings instead of running from them in fear.

Just for Today: I will not run from the uncomfortable emotions I may experience. I will use the support of my friends in recovery to help me face my emotions.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

23 Weeks... And things are looking up up up!!!!!

23 weeks....
I have hit yet another mildstone in pregnancy...! YEAH!!!! I couldn't be happier with how things are going. Let me give a few reasons why...

1. Good days have started to outweigh the bad..

2.The thought of food or eating doesn't make me want to shoot off my big toe (for the most part) 

3. I can feel her moving everyday...Which has been one of the most amazing things I have ever felt in my life!

4. I can see her moving which is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life...

5. Feeling like I actually look pregnant not just like a fatty...

6. Headaches are not as often..

7. My amazing sister Kin is finally home to share this experience with me...

8. Ryan got a job that 
is going to offer the baby health insurance...

9. I got an amazing X-Mas bonus which helped me pay off a large amount of debt..(one step closer to being ready for the little one)

10. Last but NOT least... I only have 17 more weeks until I get to meet my beautiful baby girl :)

I have some fun fun things to post this week so keep checking...
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I have a feeling that 2009 is going to be the best year of my life so far...!

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KrisFlower said...

I love your baby belly...Soooo cute....WoW 23 weeks!
I love you