March 28, 2012

Facing feelings

Page 90

"We may fear that being in touch with our feelings will trigger an overwhelming chain reaction of pain and panic."

Basic Text, p. 30

While we were using, many of us were unable or unwilling to feel many emotions. If we were happy, we used to make us happier. If we were angry or depressed, we used to mask those feelings. In continuing this pattern throughout our active addiction, we became so emotionally confused that we weren't sure what normal emotions were anymore.

After being in recovery for some time, we find that the emotions we had suppressed suddenly begin to surface. We may find that we do not know how to identify our feelings. What we may be feeling as rage may only be frustration. What we perceive as suicidal depression may simply be sadness. These are the times when we need to seek the assistance of our sponsor or other members of NA. Going to a meeting and talking about what is happening in our lives can help us to face our feelings instead of running from them in fear.

Just for Today: I will not run from the uncomfortable emotions I may experience. I will use the support of my friends in recovery to help me face my emotions.

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Monday, November 24, 2008


I have had quite the week....
I was in a car accident and spent all day Wednesday in the ER
I had an infected wisdom tooth removed Thursday
I have been at my cabin with the family all weekend 
And I have a dry socket and infection in the whole from my tooth
So today I will probably spend five hours in the Park City InstaCare so they can tell me something I already know
Hopefully they can give me some antibiotics because I'm so worried about the infection....
Kands has my pictures of the baby and Regan is bringing them in a couple days....I can't wait to post the latest pics of the cutest little baby ever!!!!!


the LOTT family said...

geez katey! im sorry! i hope you are ok from the accident and your mouth starts feeling better fast! that sounds awful! hopefully you are able to just hang out and relax at the cabin! we still need to go to lunch or dinner sometime remember?

The DiStefano Family said...

Oh that really sucks! You are always so positive though so I know you will find something good about your terrible week! Is your baby ok after that accident? I hope so. That is a bummer...Get better soon!